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Relocatable Cold Store Panels, Insulated Panels, Rrefrigeration Panels
As well as our standard composite panel constructions we are also able to offer a selection of alternative substrates depending on the type of application.
The many types of applications where our products are specified, laminates include the following:
Embossed GRP
The main advantages of this product are anti-scuff properties and the fact that it is very easy to clean.
Satin GRP
Aesthetically pleasing to the eye; suitable for relocatable outdoor enclosures.
Aluminium - White, pre-painted  or mill finished
Where  good looks are important this finish is used on car racing trailers and hospitality units, exhibition stands and horse boxes.
Woven Roven GRP
This is impact-resistant, suitable for internal lining where durability is of paramount concern.
Lead-Lined Panels
Special lead reinforced panels used in areas where high radioactivity is evident such as mammography  and x-ray units and mobile dentists.
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