Coldsaver Composite Panels, GRP Panels, laminate panels, insulated panels, refrigeration panels, woven roven, grp panels, aluminium panels
Composite panels, sandwich panels, honeycomb panels, custom panels, body panels, motorhome panels, laminate panels, aluminium panels
Insulated Panels
To suit applications where thermal performance, strength and weight are a requirement. Standard builds are of three, four or five element construction.
Composite Panels Refrigerated Vehicle Bodywork Panels
Composite Panels Motorhome and Campervan Vehicle Body Panels
Composite Panels Relocatable Coldstore Panels
Composite Panels Aircraft Support Vehicles
Composite Panels Access Flooring Panels
Dryfreight Panels
Strong and robust product used mainly in the production of commercial vehicle bodywork. Manufactured in varying thicknesses.
Composite Panels Dry Freight Vehicle Bodywork Panels
Composite Panels Catering Trailer Panels
Composite Panels Sign Boards
Composite Panels Ambulances
An ideal product for line out, repair or refurbishing work. Due to its strength and flexibility it is also suitable for curved constructions.
Composite Panels Insulated Panel Van Bodywork Panels
Composite Panels Container Line Outs
Composite Panels Food Preparation Areas
Plastic Honeycomb Panels / Sandwich Panels
Lightweight and rigid, these plastic honeycomb panels are available in a large range of sizes and thicknesses.
Composite Panels Horsebox Panels
Composite Panels Removal Vehicle Panels
Composite Panels Mobile Toilet Units
Special Products
A selection of alternative substrates and inclusions are available, combined with our technical design expertise to suit all custom-built applications.
Composite Panels Mobile Hospitality and Exhibition Units
Composite Panels Custodial Vehicles
Composite Panels Bonded Security Transport
Composite Panels Screened Enclosures

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