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With 15,000 sq. ft. of factory space, including overhead crane lifting facilities, Coldsaver Panels Ltd are able to manufacture composite panels up to a  maximum length of 14m x 3m wide.
Composite Panel Systems
The panels are vacuum bonded multi-element construction with a high gloss GRP laminate offered to both the exterior and interior surfaces.
High Gloss GRP Composite Panels Honeycomb Panels
Composite Panels Styrofoam RTM Insulation Composite Panels Plywood Far-Eastern WBP
Composite Panels Motorhome Panels Composite Panels Gloss Woven Roven
We are also able to offer selection of alternative substrates depending on the type of application. Quality insulation material such as STYROFOAM® RTM and Far Eastern plywoods are predominantly selected.
We offer a technical advice and design service to ensure that the correct specification of composites are manufactured to suit all build types.
Meticulous attention to detail and quality control procedures ensure that all our composite panels are manufactured to the highest standards.

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