Coldsaver Composite Panels, GRP Panels, laminate panels, insulated panels, refrigeration panels, woven roven, grp panels, aluminium panels
Composite panels, sandwich panels, honeycomb panels, custom panels, body panels, motorhome panels, laminate panels, aluminium panels
Off Road Vehicle Panels off-road vehicle panels
Off Road Vehicle Panels Off Road Vehicle Panels
Panels for Racing Car Shuttle Floor Panels
Custom-made panels for Racing Car Shuttle Supplied one-piece lightweight floor panel
Kiosk Panels Decontamination Unit Panels
Honeycomb Panels for Kiosk Manufacture Dryfreight Panels for Decontamination Units
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Panel Cut Outs to Suit  
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Coldsaver Panels Limited
Unit N Cochranes Shipyard
Carr Street, Selby
Yorkshire,YO8 8AP
Tel: +44(0)1757 709 666
Fax: +44(0)1757 703 366